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Abyss Saves URLs for Later ➝

A nifty new read later app that’s available for all of Apple’s platforms and uses iCloud for syncing. It looks slick and minimal, but I think I’m going to stick with Instapaper. Not just because it powers my Suggested Reading page, but I also have some automations setup through IFTTT that I rely on, which I wouldn’t be able to use if I switched to another service.

➝ Source: beautifulpixels.com

The Platter ➝

Preshit Deorukhkar, from the announcement on Beautiful Pixels:

The Platter is a site that features exceptional content related to apps in the form of links to new app releases, notable updates to existing apps, price drops, apps on sale, links to interesting product announcements, articles from app developers, quotes & other miscellaneous content that you might typically be interested in. And if you’re reading this, we’re positive that you’ll love The Platter.

I immediately subscribed to the site’s RSS feed when I received the announcement email.