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macOS Bliss Wallpaper ➝


Bliss is probably the world’s most recognized photograph, seen by billions of people across hundreds of millions of devices. Shot by Charles O’Rear in 1996 in Sonoma Country, California, Microsoft later purchased the rights to the image in 2000, which used the image as Windows XP’s default wallpaper when the operating system launched in 2001. […]

What I wanted to do in this project was create a wallpaper for the Mac inspired by O’Rear’s Bliss photograph in the minimalist styles of the macOS Big Sur/Monterey wallpapers.

➝ Source: basicappleguy.com

Braided Solo Loop 2021 Mock-Ups ➝


As delightful as the first batch of 2020 Braided Solo Loops were, I couldn’t help imagining what changes 2021 could have in store for them, and first on my wish-list was to see the bands refreshed with multiple braided colour options. In a desperate effort to keep my brain from leaking out during a recent Zoom call, I had the chance to begin mocking up potential redesigns for the Braided Solo Loops.

While the Woven Nylon Band is still my favorite Apple Watch band type of all time, the Braided Solo Loop is a close second. And it has the advantage of still being sold by Apple.

But the Braided Solo Loop is lacking in the “fun” department when compared to the Woven Nylon Band. It only comes in solid colors and those colors are pretty limited.

These mock-ups by BasicAppleGuy depict what could be coming in the future. Or at least what I hope to see. If Apple releases multicolor Braided Solo Loops, I expect I’d start collecting them like I did the Woven Nylon Bands.

➝ Source: basicappleguy.com