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P2 ➝

P2s have been the most important tool for communication, collaboration, and documentation within Automattic for years. It is the lifeblood of our company and now we’re sharing the most recent iteration with the world. It’s excellent for remote workers, teams, extended families, and just about any other group of people.

But it’s not just for groups, P2s can be useful for individuals as well. I’ve been toying with the idea of setting up a site that I own for publishing Twitter-like short thoughts and personal photos. With P2’s front-end editor and WordPress.com under the hood, this feels like the perfect tool for the job.

Source: wordpress.com

Freedom of Speech ➝

From WordPress.com’s page on freedom of speech:

At WordPress.com, we’re committed to freedom of speech: our core mission is to democratize publishing. Our service allows anyone on the web to express their ideas and opinions, whether we agree with them or not — we don’t censor, moderate, or endorse the content of any site we host.

We believe that our openness to a diversity of viewpoints is one of the main reasons so many great blogs and sites call WordPress.com home. However, you may also come across the occasional blog that offends you, or that contains ideas that you disagree with. The best response to content that you find negative, offensive, malicious, or inaccurate is not to silence it, but rather to speak out. When you present your own counter-narrative, you give others a chance to see multiple aspects of complex issues and help them reach their own conclusions.

I’m so proud to work at Automattic.

➝ Source: wordpress.com

Automattic Announces Happy Tools ➝

Matt Wondra, writing on The WordPress.com Blog:

The suite is launching with Happy Schedule, a new take on workforce management. Designed to handle the complexities that come up when business goals are planned around real-world schedules, it helps you treat your employees like humans instead of resources. Using Happy Schedule, Automattic is able to plan 24/7 customer support while offering flexible working hours to our 300+ Happiness Engineers spanning many timezones.

We’ve been using Happy Schedule internally at Automattic for for several months now and it is leaps and bounds better than our previous solution. And it’s so much nicer than any other scheduling system I’ve used during my many years in retail.

If you work somewhere with employee scheduling needs, you should give it a look.

Automattic Quietly Acquired the Rights to .blog In 2015 ➝

Mark Armstrong, writing on the WordPress.com weblog:

Automattic — the parent company of WordPress.com — secured the rights to oversee and operate the sale and registration of .blog domains, a new and never-before available top-level domain. You’ll be able to purchase a .blog domain at WordPress.com or through our partner domain name registrars. And again, the .blog domain will be available to everyone, regardless of what kind of site you have or who hosts it.

I’m surprised that more companies haven’t been acquiring top-level domains like this. And if they have, why hasn’t anyone been writing about it?

(Via Venture Beat.)

WordPress.com Gets a New Face and Joins the JavaScript Age ➝

Klint Finley, writing for Wired:

WordPress.com unveiled a new admin interface today for managing blogs, posting content, and reading other people’s sites. If you’re a regular user, you’ll notice a new look and feel. If you’re a code geek, you’ll notice something more remarkable below the surface: JavaScript instead of PHP.

Automattic isn’t leaving self-hosted, WordPress.org users in the cold, though. The new interface is also available for users that have Automattic’s Jetpack plugin installed.

They’re also releasing a WordPress admin app for OS X with plans for Windows and Linux versions in the future.

I’m not a Jetpack user, so I haven’t had the opportunity to try out the new interface. I also haven’t touched my MacBook Air in days, so naturally I haven’t tried the OS X app, either. But I don’t expect I’ll be doing so anytime soon. I’m already pefectly fine with WordPress’ current interface — it’s grown on me over the nine or ten years that I’ve used it. And I just don’t do that much writing on OS X these days. The vast majority of my writing is done in WordPress’ Press This bookmarklet or in Vesper on iPhone or iPad. The workflows I’ve fine-tuned are comfortable and there’s no need to introduce new software that could slow me down or break things.

At least for now, I’ll be sticking with WordPress’ current, PHP interface and the applications that I already use for writing.

Automattic Buys WooCommerce for Over $30 Million ➝

This is the kind of acquisition I’d expect from a smart company like Automattic.

Automattic Acquires Longreads ➝

Automattic is a company to watch. They don’t typically garner headlines, but they make great web services and products and every once in a while acquire companies that are doing neat things.