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Letterpress ➝

A strategic word game developed by Loren Brichter that can best be described as Boggle meets Reversi, except the letters don’t have to be adjacent to form a word. It’s incredibly addicting and I’ve been spending nearly all of my free time playing it.

Free to try, $0.99 to unlock all features.

Welcome Back, atebits ➝

Loren Brichter:

In 2007 I left Apple and started my own company. In 2010 that company was acquired by Twitter. Today I’m giving it another shot. Say hello to atebits 2.0.

I can’t wait to see what Loren has up his sleeve.

Twitter Acquires Tweetie ➝

Twitter has acquired Tweetie and it’s developer, Loren Brichter, will now be working for Twitter. Anyone who uses or develops Twitter clients should pay attention to how this plays out. Tweetie’s name will be changed to “Twitter for iPhone,” which means that when someone searches for “Twitter” in the App Store, Twitter’s own application will be the first one listed. This is good for users because it means that developers will have to step up their game to get new users and keep their existing ones.

But, this could be bad news for developers — why would someone use your client when they could use the official client? Especially since Twitter’s own client will be free. There’s a lot of questions left unanswered. Will Twitter for the iPhone get early access to new APIs? Will it be restricted to the same API limits imposed on other developers? Will it be the only client with true push notifications?

Until all of these questions are answered it’s hard to tell how this will play out. I’m optimistic, but I really hope that Twitter doesn’t screw up Tweetie like Brizzly did to Birdfeed.

Tweetie 2

Tweetie 2.0 IconTweetie 2 ($2.99) has been available since October 5. We all know about Tweetie 2’s new features, so rather than do another run through I’ll just make a few points regarding what I like and what I don’t.

The Good

  • Pull down to refresh: When viewing your timeline, simply drag past the search bar and a refresh bar will appear. It’s similar to Birdfeed’s infinite scrolling, but a little bit more useful.
  • Birdhouse integration: Hitting close after composing a tweet offers you the option to save, save to Birdhouse, or to don’t save your tweet at all. Now I can write drafts in Tweetie 2 and publish them from Birdhouse. The only unfortunate part is that this feature single handedly pushed Birdhouse to my second home screen.
  • Nearby map: A beautiful way of viewing nearby Twitter users.
  • Favorite indicator: The little star in the upper right hand corner is perfectly done.
  • Trend explanations: Sometimes trends show up and I have no idea what they are, tapping the little tag icon in the bottom left corner while viewing the trend gives an explanation of the trend.

The Bad

  • Multiple accounts: It’s now impossible to disable multiple accounts in Tweetie, which means that the “Accounts” button will always sit in the upper left hand corner when viewing your timeline, it’s unnecessary clutter.
  • Settings: No longer in the Settings application, yet again, unnecessary clutter.
  • The black navigation bar: The black bar in timeline view is a little shorter than in other apps. The icons don’t have text underneath them and therefore the bar is shorter. It isn’t a big deal, but at first glance looks strange on the iPhone’s screen.
  • Single tweet view: Tweetie 2 still uses the Tweetie 1 style blue bar in single tweet view, not the new black bar. I’ve explored every bit of the application and haven’t been able to find another instance of this old style blue bar.

The Rest

Tweetie 2 is easily the best Twitter client I’ve ever used, and if nothing else, set the bar incredibly high for the competition. I’m not sure how long until other developers react to the feature set in Tweetie 2 but it will certainly make for more positive user experiences.

Loren Brichter has already detailed some of the features to look forward to. Obviously there will be bug fixes but as soon as Twitter flips the switch on new style retweets, per-tweet geotagging, and lists, Tweetie 2 will support those as well.


Tweetie 2.0 is Coming Soon

Update 11/8/09: MG Siegler has written a piece for TechCrunch detailing the new features coming in Tweetie 2.1. Lists, new style retweeting, and geolocation are there along with a myriad of other features.

Update 11/30/09: Tweetie 2.1 has hit the App Store with new style retweets, geolocation, and lists. I’m loving lists and I’m really happy with the implementation of retweets.

Feature Wishlist for Tweetie

Tweetie for Mac
I’ve dropped Twitterrific like a hot potato and am using Tweetie full time now as my Twitter client of choice. The app is clearly better but it does have its flaws.

  • I would like to be able to remove the Tweetie icon from the dock. The menu bar icon is good enough for me.
  • Why can’t I hide my avatar in the sidebar? This feature is probably useful for those with multiple accounts but is just clutter if you only have one account.
  • There isn’t a favorited items view. And, along those lines, why do I have to right-click to favorite a tweet?
  • There aren’t any notification sounds.

Tweetie is still better than Twitterrific but it would be (nearly) perfect if the above flaws were addressed.

atebits Announces Tweetie for Mac ➝

Tweetie for Mac
Just like many others who enjoy Twitter and use an iPhone, Tweetie for iPhone is my absolute favorite way of interacting with Twitter. There have been dozens of times where I was sitting at my computer and wishing that I could just use Tweetie on my computer rather than have to go in the other room to grab my iPhone.

I’ve used Twitterrific since it was released but it just doesn’t have the feature set of Tweetie. Well, the one man shop (atebits) behind Tweetie released a video of an upcoming version of Tweetie made natively for the Mac.

The app will let you easily navigate through various views such as replies, your timeline, direct messages, and even conversations. The video appears to depict conversations as a way to view a conversation thread between yourself and another Twitter user (as long as @replies are used).

Drag and drop image files into a the app to post to TwitPic, click on a TwitPic link and rather than being sent to the web page (as you are with Twitterrific) a Quick Look-like window will pop up with the image inside it.

It has integrated search functionality and easy link sharing capabilities. The app will be released this Monday April 20. There will be a free advertisement supported version and an ad-free version for $14.95.

TechCrunch has managed to get their hands on a copy of it and will have a full review of the app on Monday. I, on the other hand, will have to wait until Monday to get my hands on the app.

Tweetie for Mac