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Bloomberg: Apple’s Secrecy Hindering Their AI Advancements ➝

Maybe I just don’t get it, but how is Apple at a disadvantage because they choose not to share their artificial Intellegence research with the public? Isn’t that more likely to put other companies at a disadvantage because they’re working with less information than Apple?

Engineers and computer scientists in the field of AI might be hesitant to work in a closed environment. But I’d imagine the opportunity to work for the biggest company in the world with some of the smartest people could outweigh any potential downsides of not being able to share your work with the scientific community.

A Chat with Facebook M ➝

Alex Kantrowitz spent some time chatting with M, Facebook Messanger’s virtual assistant. It’s a pretty impressive showcase of artificial Intellegence, although I’m still a bit skeptical. Especially considering the “number of minutes” Alex waited for an answer to “where is the best vegetarian food within five blocks?” I asked Siri the same exact question and was immediately given an answer.

I certainly can’t know if humans had a hand in Alex and M’s exchange, but BuzzFeed News is a big deal and it would be in Facebook’s best interest for this article to be as positive as possible. Personally, I’ll wait for the masses to get their hands on M before I start praising it’s contextual awareness and natural language parsing abilities.