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Apple Watch Will Be Sold at Launch by Reservation Only ➝

Aronald Kim, reporting for MacRumors:

However, according to training documents that MacRumors has received, Apple is not allowing any walk-in retail purchases for the Apple Watch at launch. Instead customers must make an online “Product Reservation” to hold a specific Apple Watch model at a retail store. […] Apple seems to expect low inventory for the Apple Watches, and notes that “try-on” appointments also do not reserve a specific Apple Watch for purchase. Apple expects to eventually allow walk-in purchases, but not until the initial wave of demand has passed.

I think this is a smart move on Apple’s part. There isn’t really a reason to encourage customers to line up for products anymore — they don’t need the additional press and the cult-like tone of waiting in line for a product is an easy target for mockery. Not to mention that waiting in line for several hours to spend hundreds of dollars on something you don’t truly need isn’t a great customer experience.

iMessage Support Coming to iChat ➝

Arnold Kim:

One developer has revealed to MacRumors that there is evidence that Apple has already started building in iMessage support into OS X Lion’s iChat instant messaging software.

Not much of a surprise, I just hope Apple allows iMessage users to associate more than one device with a single email or phone number for iMessage purposes. This would allow users to receive iMessages regardless of what device their using at the time.

Apple’s Working on Thinner MacBook Pro ➝

Michael Rose follows up on MacRumor’s initial report that Apple is working on a new 15-inch MacBook Pro that takes design cues from the MacBook Air. And, its possible that they will be released in time for Christmas.

OS X Lion and Retina Displays ➝

MacRumors’ Arnold Kim reports that Lion users who have installed Xcode can enable “HiDPI” mode in the Quartz Debug application. This lays the groundwork for Retina displays in Macs.

Next MacBook Pro to Get New Case Design ➝

Speaking of Mac hardware refreshes, Arnold Kim reports for MacRumors that the next revision of the MacBook Pro will feature a new case design.

Unfortunately, we have no specifics on what the next MacBook Pro might look like, though many have previously speculated that Apple will take cues from the MacBook Air line.

New iPhone 4.0 Features ➝

The Boy Genius Report has published a rundown of the new features in iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3. File sharing through iTunes, media player controls in the app switching tray, a quicker way to close apps, and an orientation lock are all mentioned. There may be more features in beta 3 but these are the most important ones.

I’m happy to finally see an orientation lock, this is something I’ve been hoping for since the iPhone first came out. And, I’m also happy to see that Apple has brought back media player controls for the double click home button shortcut. I rely heavily on this feature and use it more often than you might think, when I was running beta 1 this was one of those missing features that drove me absolutely crazy.

Arnold Kim, of MacRumors, is also reporting some interesting findings in beta 3. He reports that OS 4.0 gives developers full access to video capture which will make for some much more functional video recording and editing applications. But, the new APIs don’t just let you capture video at 640×480 but also reveal the ability to capture video at higher resolutions, such as 1280×720.

The camera in the next iPhone was rumored to be of the 5 megapixel variety. But, this news of higher resolution video capture adds credence to the rumored “iPhone HD” name. And, if these camera rumors are true, the iPhone is giving even better reason to carry it as your one and only device.

Apple Removes ‘Rate on Delete’ in iPhone 4 ➝

Arnold Kim reports on MacRumors (and I can confirm) that the iPhone no longer prompts users to rate an application upon deletion. Developers have complained about this since it was introduced because it skews ratings downward.

I personally remove applications from my iPhone all the time, just as a way of cleaning house. There are many apps that I use rarely and therefore only install on my device when I actually need them. I usually use the prompt as an opportunity to rate these applications. So for me this means I will likely never rate another application again.

But for the majority of users and developers, this is a good thing.

‘TabletMac’ Trademark and Apple Tablet Pricing ➝

MacRumor’s Arnold Kim reports that Apple has gained control of the “TabletMac” trademark. Axiotron originally owned the trademark and used it to sell their Modbook product.

Transfer in ownership doesn’t implicitly mean that they will be releasing a tablet, it’s entirely possible that they are doing so to avoid confusion with Apple’s own trademarks.

Another recent tablet rumor comes from Diggnation co-host Alex Albrecht. During episode 231 (the relevant bits start at roughly the 24 minute mark) of Diggnation Kevin Rose asked guest John Hodgman if he knew anything about the tablet. Hodgman replied: “you think they’d tell me?”

Shortly after that exchange Kevin revealed that Alex had heard something about the tablet. After some convincing, Alex eventually conceded: “I was shocked at how cheap the price point is going to be.”

Alex declined to elaborate but just based on Kevin’s track record (which is hit and miss) there’s no way of knowing how credible Alex’s information is.

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