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Panic Launches Prompt 3 ➝

There is a $20 per year subscription to unlock the app, but you can also buy it upfront with a one-time payment of $100. I downloaded the app as soon as I saw it was available and paid for the one-time purchase without hesitation.

Panic makes incredible applications and I’m sure I’ll get my money’s worth with the one-time payment — heck, I still use Code Editor regularly, even after its discontinuation in 2021.

➝ Source: panic.com

Thunderbird Redesign Now Available ➝

I’m not too fond of the new app icon, but the app itself looks like a massive upgrade. I look forward to getting my hands on it when I log on to my MacBook Air tomorrow.

➝ Source: blog.thunderbird.net

What if You Could Only Use One App on Your iPhone? ➝

Shawn Blanc:

I know, I know. It’s an impossible choice. I’d be so torn between several: camera, notes, music, messages, tasks…

And, as nerdy as it sounds, I think I’d pick the app Things. (The to-do list manager.)

It feels like cheating to choose a web browser, as Shawn notes, so I think I’d go with Pocket Casts. I spend too much time listening to podcasts while I’m mowing the lawn, doing dishes, driving, and more.

➝ Source: shawnblanc.net

Twitterrific Has Been Discontinued ➝

Twitter acquired Tweetie in April 2010. Prior to that acquisition, the only native Twitter apps available were developed by third-parties. And now, they are explicitly prohibited by Twitter’s API policies.

Twitterrific was the first mobile Twitter app — originally developed during the jailbreak days before the App Store even existed.

It’s sad that it happened like this, but honestly, I’m not sure if the backlash would have been much different if Twitter chose a different path. If it was announced ahead of time, if access required a Twitter Blue subscription, if ads were introduced to the API feeds, or what have you.

There’s a group of users that exclusively interacted with Twitter through third-party apps and I can’t imagine any scenario where changes wouldn’t have resulted in a backlash and a very high attrition rate. I don’t agree with it, but I can see how someone at Twitter could come to the conclusion that it would be better to just cross their fingers and do it quietly.

The silver lining in this, though, is that talented developers that have spent years in an adversarial relationship with their API maintainers can move on to build bigger and better things. The folks at Tapbots are already well on their way to launching Ivory and hopefully Iconfactory will focus this newfound development time toward something neat as well.

➝ Source: blog.iconfactory.com

Ivory for iOS ➝

Tapbots, on their upcoming Mastodon app:

Ivory is currently in Early Access, which means there are features missing and we are actively building them while you get to use the app.

If you don’t like using software with missing features, we recommend you wait until we are out of Early Access and evaluate then. But you’ll be missing out on a lot of the fun!

They’ve also published a roadmap of what they’re working on or are planning to work.

➝ Source: tapbots.com

TopNotch for macOS ➝

It’s from the makers of CleanShot and simply turns your menubar black to hide the notch on your MacBook. I had been using Boring Old Menu Bar for this, but TopNotch is free and the menu bar icon doesn’t just randomly disappear on me like Boring Old Menu bar’s did.

(Via Chai.)

➝ Source: topnotch.app

Mammoth App Announces Mastodon Instance ➝

Shihab Mehboob:

We’re continuing to refine our vision for the app. We are building a beautiful Mastodon app for the iPhone, iPad and Mac, and making it easier for new users to onboard onto the Fediverse & Mastodon. The power of Mastodon, its federated architecture, is also the most confusing aspect for newcomers: “Where do I start?” To help solve this problem, we are building Moth.social, our server. Mammoth will continue to fully and enthusiastically support all Mastodon servers (minus the icky ones), and you’ll continue to be able to use it to connect with your favorite server. But for new users, we are integrating an easy use Create An Account feature that is connected to Moth.social. We have the 0.1 build of our server ready. Today we’ll be signing up the first 100 users on our server. Head on over to Moth.social if you enjoy living on the bleeding edge, warts and all!

Managing a public instances is tough work, but this does solve the commonly voiced problem that newcomers don’t know where to start. I wouldn’t be surprised if other Mastodon app developers follow suit.

➝ Source: getmammoth.app

How to Generate AI Art With Stable Diffusion on a Mac ➝

If you’re looking to generate AI art like all the cool kids, this is the easiest method I’ve found for doing so on macOS.

➝ Source: appleinsider.com