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Apple Pencil Charging Is Good Design ➝

Matt Birchler does a deep dive on the various options for charging the Apple Pencil — how it currently works and what Apple could do in the future. And I think he came to the right conclusion in this one:

In 2018, I think the best option of the bunch is what Apple already did. The built in Lightning connector works in almost every situation and works across all devices the Apple Pencil is compatible with. It looks a little funky, but as a function over form decision, I think it was the right call.

The best alternate charging method I think is the Smart Connector idea. Now they would need to add a second connector to the iPad Pro, and the lower end iPad would just not have this option, but it would combine the relative reliability of a physical connection, use the device you have with you, and would look a heck of a lot nicer than the current method.

Linea ➝

A great new sketching app from the folks at Icon Factory. I don’t do much drawing, but lately I’ve been scribbling down my web design ideas. Linea is perfect for this — the interface stays out of my way and lets me focus on the task at hand.

The Story of the Apple Pencil ➝

The Telegraph’s Rhiannon Williams interviews Jony Ive on the origins of the Apple Pencil.

FiftyThree Reacts to Apple Pencil ➝

FiftyThree’s statement to The Verge:

Every Pencil needs Paper. We’re excited to launch the all-new Paper on iPhone and iPad tomorrow, after which creative thinkers everywhere will see their phones and their ideas in a new light. We believe pen-and-touch input is the foundation for a new type of productivity geared towards creative thinking. Our and Apple’s products open up these tools to even more people, which we support. We at FiftyThree are excited to reveal where we think the next chapter of productivity is headed.

I don’t actually think Apple’s competing product will hurt FiftyThree. Their stylus is less expensive, works with all iPads and iPhones, and features the eraser end which is both intuitive and convenient.