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Apple Design Awards Finalists ➝

There sure seems to be more and more games in the ADAs each year, which limits my enthusiasm for the awards overall. But it is nice to see 1Password get some appreciation.

➝ Source: developer.apple.com

Apple Design Award Winners Announced ➝

Congratulations to this year’s winners, including my calculator app of choice and one of the best iOS games of all time.

2016 Apple Design Award Winners Announced ➝

Congratulations to all the winners this year, but I’m especially happy to see Ulysses — my favorite writing app — getting the recognition it deserves.

Apple Design Award Winners Announced ➝

This year’s winners are Shadowmatic, Metamorphabet, Robinhood, Affinity Designer, Crossy Road, Workflow, Does Not Commute, Vainglory, Pacemaker, Elementary Minute, jump-O, and my favorite Fantastical 2.

The 2014 Apple Design Award Winners ➝

A lot of great apps on the list of winners this year. Threes and Blek being a couple of my favorites.

Apple Design Award Winners Announced ➝

Apple has announced the winners of the Apple Design Awards. Unfortunately, I haven’t used any of the apps that won. But from what I’ve read about them, it’s a great group of apps.

iPad winners:

iPhone winners:

There wasn’t a Mac category for this year’s Apple Design Awards, Apple instead decided to focus on iOS apps. I just hope that they haven’t decided to completely do away with awards for Mac applications. However, Hardmac is claiming that Apple might split WWDC into two conferences, one for iOS and a second for Mac. If they decide to hold two developer conferences, I’m certain they will bring back design awards for Mac apps.

Ars Technica Announces Ars Design Awards ➝

Ars Technica has announced that they will be holding the first ever Ars Design awards. When Apple announced WWDC 2010 it was revealed that they would only be giving out awards to iPhone and iPad apps this year. The folks at Ars Technica decided to hold their own awards that will honor exceptionally designed Mac OS X software.

From the announcement:

We are giving you, our readers, the opportunity to nominate your favorite Mac OS X applications to receive an award in one of five categories: Best New App, Best User Experience, Most Innovative App, Best K-12 Education App, and Best Student-created App. We will accept nominations until Friday, May 21. At that time, we’ll tally the top five nominations in each category, and the Ars staff will choose from among these a winner for each award. We’ll also collect the top ten apps among all categories receiving the most nominations, and put those ten apps to a vote for a special Reader’s Choice award.

Ars also notes that they will be awarding Windows and Linux applications at a later date.

I’m incredibly happy to see this announcement. I’ve never been a big follower of the ADAs but I clearly see it as an important part of the developer ecosystem. Apple my be preoccupied with iPhone OS, but I’m certainly glad Ars Technica was willing to swoop in and pick up the slack.