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The Essential Phone ➝

Chris Hannah, on Andy Rubin’s newly announced Essential Phone:

In principle I like the Essential phone, but I just can’t imagine myself switching to Android (this is a deeper problem I’ll expand upon in the future). I would of preferred it to run a separate operating system, but I do respect the amount of work that would take to build, not even thinking about the app ecosystem.

However it is a step in the right direction for Android phones, which I believe was started by the Google Pixel. In my mind, android phones were all about quantity, and not necessarily being the best devices. But it’s started to take a different course, and it’s only for the best.

I didn’t follow the news of the Essential Phone very closely. It’s one of the best-designed Android phones I’ve ever seen, but at the end of the day, it’s an Android phone.

Google Has No Android Hardware Plans ➝

Despite TheStreet.com’s previous report, Google’s head of Android development, Andy Rubin had this to say regarding Google making Android hardware:

We’re not making hardware, we’re enabling other people to build hardware.

Sounds pretty clear to me. I wouldn’t want Google making hardware anyway, they haven’t given me any indication that they would build something worth while.

Update 11/21/09: Michael Arrington Has Heard That Google is Building Android Hardware