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Threads ActivityPub Beta ➝

Andrew Heinzman, writing for How-To Geek:

Threads’ fediverse-sharing feature is still in beta. It’s disabled by default, and Meta says that it’s trying to iron out some of the aforementioned flaws. Users who want to dive into the fediverse must open Threads, go to Settings, open “Account Settings,” and click “Fediverse Sharing.” Threads will give you an explanation of the fediverse before asking you to opt in.

I wouldn’t advocate that anyone start using Threads because of this, there are far better options available. But if you know someone that’s already using Threads that you’d like to follow from Mastodon or another ActivityPub compatible service, I’d send the link their way and encourage them to enable the feature.

➝ Source: howtogeek.com

DuckDuckGo Isn’t as Private as You Thought ➝

Andrew Heinzman, writing for Review Geek:

Due to a confidential search agreement, the DuckDuckGo browser does not block all Microsoft trackers. What’s worse, DuckDuckGo only acknowledged this “privacy hole” after it was discovered by a security researcher.

I’m still generally positive on DuckDuckGo, but this is a pretty bad look for their “privacy” browser. I’ll stick with Brave and SearX.

➝ Source: reviewgeek.com