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We’re Just Doing Data Entry for Google ➝

Matt Birchler, commenting on André Staltz’s piece regarding the slow death of the open web:

And now we have Google Assistant, which is a great tool for getting information, but is another step in obscuring the line of what content belongs to who. You can ask the Assistant a question and it will give you an answer in the Assistant app (or just in the air if you’re using a Google Home). A recipe, for example, will be scraped from someone’s cooking blog and then presented in the Assistant app as if Google had created this recipe. You can poke around the interface to find out where it came from, and you can sometimes tap a link to see the source of an answer, but it’s not the default behavior. Hell, a “failed state” in Assistant is when it has to show you a list of websites in your search results.

The open web might not be as exciting as it used to be, but I hope the masses eventually break through these walled gardens that have been constructed around them.