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Amazon Ditches ‘Just Walk Out’ Checkouts at Grocery Stores ➝

Maxwell Zeff, writing for Gizmodo:

Just over half of Amazon Fresh stores are equipped with Just Walk Out. The technology allows customers to skip checkout altogether by scanning a QR code when they enter the store. Though it seemed completely automated, Just Walk Out relied on more than 1,000 people in India watching and labeling videos to ensure accurate checkouts. The cashiers were simply moved off-site, and they watched you as you shopped.

Big lol.

➝ Source: gizmodo.com

Prime Video to Include Ads Next Year, Amazon Offering Ad Free Option for $2.99 a Month ➝

Coincidentally, prior to this news, my wife and I had a conversation about whether we could cancel Amazon Prime. The only feature we actually use is Prime shipping — we don’t use their music service, video service, or anything else, just the shipping.

I have a feeling we could get along fine without it.

As for Prime Video and streaming services in general, the cost-benefit equation has seen a sharp decline in recent years. I’m so glad I made the decision to build my own media library in Plex and eliminate our reliance on these streaming services.

➝ Source: macrumors.com

Amazon Alexa on Pace to Lose $10 Billion This Year ➝

I don’t own any Amazon Echo products, but I do own three HomePods — two full size and one mini. Beyond the initial purchase of the speaker, it hasn’t resulted in any revenue for Apple. I use Pandora as it’s default music service, AirPlay audio to it from Pocket Casts and Prism, and use it for timers in the kitchen.

Amazon, Apple, Google, and other smart speaker makers should be pricing them with the idea in mind that they will never derive another dime of revenue from purchasers. Because, anecdotally, that’s what I see from myself and everyone else I know that owns them.

➝ Source: arstechnica.com

Google Hands Over Home Security Camera Footage to Police Without a Warrant ➝

Didi Rankovic, writing for Reclaim the Net:

Google and Amazon are letting the police access data from smart home cameras without a warrant, if they are told this footage is needed because of an “emergency.” […]

Amazon has revealed that it turned over data 11 times when the police submitted “emergency requests,” while Google does not provide any details in its transparency report.

Thanks, I hate it.

➝ Source: reclaimthenet.org

Developers Get EC2 Alternative With Vultr Cloud Compute and Bare Metal ➝

Amrit Singh, writing on Backblaze’s weblog:

With the Backblaze + Vultr combination, developers now have the ability to connect data stored in Backblaze B2 with virtualized cloud compute and bare metal resources in Vultr—providing a compelling alternative to Amazon S3 and EC2. Each Vultr compute instance includes a fixed amount of bandwidth, meaning that developers can easily transfer data between Vultr’s 17 global locations and Backblaze with no egress fees or other data transfer costs.

The web would be a much better place if less companies used Amazon for their backend.

➝ Source: backblaze.com

Amazon Sidewalk ➝

Brendan Hesse, writing for Lifehacker:

On June 8, Amazon will launch a new feature called Sidewalk that creates small, public internet networks powered by Echo smart speakers and Ring home security products in your neighborhood. Yes, including yours—unless you disable the setting, which is turned on by default. That means if you don’t want your devices included in this particular tech experiment, you only have a week left to opt out.

I’m not necessarily opposed to this feature existing, but it shouldn’t be enabled by default. That’s just silly.

➝ Source: lifehacker.com

Amazon to Acquire MGM for $8.45 Billion ➝

I expect Amazon Prime Video’s going to get a lot of new additions as a result of this. But I don’t think it’ll have any impact on my usage of the service.

➝ Source: macrumors.com

Amazon and Apple Strike Deal for Prime Video in-App Purchases and Subscriptions ➝

A great piece by John Gruber, diving head first into the whole Prime Video in-app purchase thing and explaining the payment method that is available in a few different scenarios.

➝ Source: daringfireball.net