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TikTok’s Secret ‘Heating’ Button Can Make Anyone Go Viral ➝

Emily Baker-White, reporting for Forbes:

For years, TikTok has described its powerful For You Page as a personalized feed ranked by an algorithm that predicts your interests based on your behavior in the app.

But that’s not the full story, according to six current and former employees of TikTok and its parent company, ByteDance, and internal documents and communications reviewed by Forbes. These sources reveal that in addition to letting the algorithm decide what goes viral, staff at TikTok and ByteDance also secretly hand-pick specific videos and supercharge their distribution, using a practice known internally as “heating.”

We’d be foolish to assume this is only happening on TikTok. I would expect Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others to have similar systems.

Any social algorithm that goes beyond a simple reverse chronological timeline should be treated with skepticism by default and avoided whenever possible.

(Via Roger Stringer.)

➝ Source: forbes.com

Twitter’s Algorithmic Feed Becomes Default Timeline on iOS ➝

Tim Hardwick, writing for MacRumors:

In a change that is sure to draw the ire of some users, Twitter has removed the sparkle-shaped icon from the top-right of the app’s interface that let users switch between “For You” and “Latest” and replaced it with two tabs called “For You” and “Following.”

“For You” still shows users tweets from people they follow out of order, sprinkled with algorithmically suggested tweets from people they don’t, while “Following” shows tweets in pure reverse chronological order.

While the change technically makes it easier to switch timelines – users can now just swipe between them instead of tapping the star icon – users on iOS will now always see the algorithmic “For You” tab when opening the app, whether they want to or not.

I completely understand why Twitter wants you to use the algorithmic feed, but they should always give you an option to show a reverse chronological feed by default.

➝ Source: macrumors.com

Instagram Rolling Out Algorithmic Timeline ➝

I was just starting to enjoy Instagram — I hope this doesn’t completely ruin it for me. But I can’t say I’m optimistic.