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The Ubiquity of Ad Technologies, Tracking, and Other Nasty Practices on the Web ➝

Nick Heer, referencing Alberto Brandolini’s tweet from 2013:

This rule remains true for the bullshit web — the marketing cruft, bloated advertising, tracking mechanisms, and Google’s unnecessary and toxic Accelerated Mobile Pages project that have come to dominate the web. Users have tried to fight back by adopting ad blockers and switching to web browsers that are more privacy focused. But bullshit is stronger than that. It cannot be contained by browsers or the mere will of users’ requests. The response by its purveyors illustrates how thoroughly bullshit resists control.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s anything we can realistically do to put an end to this garbage. Without every internet user refusing to visit the sites that use these tactics, we’re stuck installing ad blockers and privacy-focused browsers in an attempt to fight back.

➝ Source: pxlnv.com