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Adblock Plus Has Already Defeated Facebook’s Ad Blocking Restrictions ➝

Jacob Kastrenakes, writing for The Verge:

Facebook’s plan to stop ad blockers has already been foiled. Adblock Plus has found a way to strip ads from Facebook, even when they’re served up in Facebook’s new ad blocker-proof format. Anyone with a fully updated version of Adblock Plus should once again be able to avoid ads in Facebook’s sidebar and News Feed.

Let the game of cat and mouse begin.

Adblock Plus Launches for iOS and Android ➝

From the Adblock Plus weblog:

That’s right, starting right now you can download Adblock Browser from the App Store for your Apple devices and from the Google Play Store for your Android ones. Adblock Browser blocks annoying ads right out of the box, all in one app.

The app launched earlier this week, but I still think it’s worth pointing to. Because in a year or two, everyone’s going to be running a browser with ad blocking capabilities.