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Dark Sky Joins Apple ➝

Adam Grossman, writing on Dark Sky’s weblog:

Today we have some important and exciting news to share: Dark Sky has joined Apple.

Our goal has always been to provide the world with the best weather information possible, to help as many people as we can stay dry and safe, and to do so in a way that respects your privacy.

There is no better place to accomplish these goals than at Apple. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to reach far more people, with far more impact, than we ever could alone.

Dark Sky for iOS will continue to be available and all of their other apps and services will be discontinued in the future.

I hope this goes as well as the Workflow acquisition did, but there are a lot of weather apps that are built on Dark Sky’s API. The service will continue to be available for existing developers until the end of next year, but all of those developers will have to move to another service before they’re cut off.

This must be more than simply updating the native iOS Weather app with an Apple-owned data provider.

I would really like to see Apple develop Dark Sky into a system-level API. So an application could ask for your current location’s weather conditions and/or forecast and display it within their app however they choose. Apple could present a dialog box asking you for permission to share the data with the app, and the developer could rely on the system for polling for updates. I see an API like this being useful for weather apps, journaling apps, calendar apps, and more.

➝ Source: blog.darksky.net