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Podcast AP ➝

Follow podcasts on Mastodon, Pleroma, or any other ActivityPub service. It’s created by Steven Crader and powered by the Podcast Index API. Neat.

➝ Source: podcastap.com

Threads ActivityPub Beta ➝

Andrew Heinzman, writing for How-To Geek:

Threads’ fediverse-sharing feature is still in beta. It’s disabled by default, and Meta says that it’s trying to iron out some of the aforementioned flaws. Users who want to dive into the fediverse must open Threads, go to Settings, open “Account Settings,” and click “Fediverse Sharing.” Threads will give you an explanation of the fediverse before asking you to opt in.

I wouldn’t advocate that anyone start using Threads because of this, there are far better options available. But if you know someone that’s already using Threads that you’d like to follow from Mastodon or another ActivityPub compatible service, I’d send the link their way and encourage them to enable the feature.

➝ Source: howtogeek.com

ActivityPub Has Momentum ➝

I completely agree with Colin Devroe here. ActivityPub is the one protocol that seems to have all the momentum right now. There’s so much pointing to it as the likely future of social networking and I’m glad I jumped into it when I did.

➝ Source: cdevroe.com

ActivityPub Performance Tweaks for WordPress ➝

Jan Boddez:

Some things to consider when enabling ActivityPub on a self-hosted WordPress install.

Rather than, say, RSS feeds, ActivityPub is push-based, at least in part. (Yes, I know about WebSub, but let’s continue.)

As a result, your server will be reaching out to, possibly, a whole lot of other servers whenever you publish new content.

On top of that, whenever one of your posts gets “boosted,” a whole lot of other servers may try and fetch (or GET) that post’s JSON representation.

If, like me, you’re on a smallish VPS or shared hosting package, you will almost certainly see a performance hit (or worse).

I’ve considered implementing ActivityPub here on Initial Charge, but don’t want to worry about the performance implications and am unsure of whether it would be a hinderance to discoverability.

I’m just cross-posting headlines to a Mastodon account for now. But if I decide to go the native ActivityPub route in WordPress, I’m sure these suggestions from Jan will be helpful.

➝ Source: jan.boddez.net

ActivityPub Support on WordPress.com ➝

Matthias Pfefferle:

The revolutionary ActivityPub feature is now available across all WordPress.com plans, unlocking a world of engagement and interaction for your blog. Your blogs can now be part of the rapidly expanding fediverse, which enables you to connect with a broader audience and attract more followers. […]

ActivityPub is a WordPress plugin that facilitates seamless integration between your blog and a host of federated platforms, including Mastodon, Pleroma, Friendica, and more. This plugin empowers your readers to follow your blog posts on these platforms.

In addition, replies to your posts from these platforms are automatically turned into comments on your WordPress blog, creating a more interactive and dynamic conversation around your content.

I’m very happy to see this launch. It feels more and more like ActivityPub is going to be the social protocol of choice going forward.

➝ Source: wordpress.com

Minds Adds ActivityPub Support ➝

Bill Ottman:

Minds is now interoperable with every app that uses the ActivityPub decentralized social media protocol.

I’m sure it’ll be quite some time before this whole shift plays out, but ActivityPub feels like a safe bet at this point.

➝ Source: minds.com

Premature Thoughts on Threads ➝

Chris Hannah:

The main rumour was that this new app would support ActivityPub, which is an open protocol that Mastodon is based on. This has led to all sorts of reactions. From people completely opposed to anything from Meta connecting to the Fediverse, and wanting to block it from their instance. To people that are excited about the potential of the new users that it would bring to the degenerated social network world.

I’d say I’m somewhere near the more optimistic end. Because, there is clearly space in the market for a new short-form text-based social network, and if it’s backed by Instagram, then it stands a good chance of surviving. Or at least gaining enough attention to make it viable in the short term.

If Threads supports ActivityPub, as the rumors suggest, it’ll be the coolest product announcement in the history of Meta.

It also has the potential to push the mainstream toward a future of social networking that I’ve had in the back of my mind for over a decade. A future where each person can pick and choose the types of services they want to use — video, photos, short-form text, longer articles, and others — and everything connects together because of a common, interoperable, and open protocol.

➝ Source: chrishannah.me

Automattic Acquires an ActivityPub WordPress Plugin ➝

Sarah Perez, reporting for TechCrunch:

WordPress.com sites now have an easier way to integrate with the Fediverse, including Mastodon. Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, Tumblr and other web publishing tools, is the new owner of the ActivityPub for WordPress plugin and has also recruited its developer to come work for the company, according to Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg.

I’m pretty happy about this news.

➝ Source: techcrunch.com