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Why I Think Apple Watch 2 Will Be a Big Leap ➝

Abdel Ibrahim, writing for WatchAware:

With watchOS 3, Apple rethought much of the user interface to make what is slow hardware feel much faster. That’s a huge step for those of us who currently own the Apple Watch. But when I think about the next-generation Watch, I think Apple will address a lot of the issues that make the Watch feel so first-generation. In fact, I think the Apple Watch 2 will be as big of a leap if not bigger than the iPad 2 was to the original iPad.

In the next iteration of Apple Watch, I expect thinner hardware, new bands, and a new system-on-a-chip with more memory, a faster ARM processor, and more robust wireless features. I don’t think we’ll see any differences in battery life, though. Apple hit the nail on the head with the Watch’s battery life and I don’t expect an improvement on that front for at least two more years.