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Say Hello to 1Blocker X ➝

Salavat Khanov:

Soon after releasing 1Blocker in 2015 and adding more features (Whitelist, Hide Elements, Make HTTPS, iCloud sync, etc.) and extending our rule sets, we found out that we are about to hit the limit of total number of rules allowed for a Safari content blocker extension. Apple set the limit at 50K rules, and we were already at 49K. […]

The only solution to that problem is to create multiple extensions within 1Blocker that independently manage blocking in Safari. However, that requires rewriting the app to handle all these new extensions.

This looks like it’s going to be a great upgrade from the current version of 1Blocker, which I’ve been using since Ben Brooks declared it as the best content blocker shortly after iOS 9’s release. I wish the team would have spent a little bit more time on the icon, but let’s be honest, it’s just going to get tucked away inside a folder anyway.

Ben Brooks Continues His Ad Blocker Testing ➝

Based on his latest testing, 1Blocker and Adamant are the two ad blockers he recommends the most with Purify following closely behind. Personally, I’ve primarily been using Adamant since it launched and have been very happy with it. In addition to Ben’s recommendations, I’ve also tried Ad Control — which I was drawn to because of its philosophy and 1 Ad feature — but nothing has been able to beat the speed and simplicity of Adamant.

Which iOS Content Blocker is the Fastest? ➝

Ben Brooks tested all of the ad blockers available in the App Store and found 1Blocker to be the fastest. His test included pages from several different websites including iMore, Bloomberg, and The New Yorker. I was very happy to see that Adamant — a blocker which displays ads from networks like The Deck by default — made it into the top three.