Initial Charge currently offers several options for keeping up with the latest feature articles and Linked List items published to the site. RSS is the most robust option available as it allows you to read the full content of the site in your feed reader of choice.

Main Feed

The full-content feed includes all feature articles and Linked List items published on Initial Charge. It’s available as an RSS feed:

Or alternatively, the main feed is also available in Manton Reece and Brent Simmons’ JSON Feed format:


If you’d rather follow Initial Charge on Twitter, links to all feature articles and Linked List items are tweeted from @initialcharge.

Apple News

Follow along with Initial Charge’s feature articles and Linked List by favoriting the site’s channel in Apple News on your iOS device.

Read Later Services

Automatically save each newly published feature article to the read later service of your choosing with the following IFTTT applets:

(Shoutout to Mayur Dhaka for the brilliant idea.)

Specialty Feeds

An RSS feed featuring only the longer-form feature articles. It’s less frequently updated than the main feed, but contains the absolute best from Inital Charge:

If you’d prefer an RSS feed that forgoes the long-form and contains only items from the frequently updated Linked List, that is also available: