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How to Use 1Password as a Digital Will ➝

This is a great suggestion from the folks at The Sweet Setup. I’ve actually had this idea bouncing around in my head recently and I’m glad to see someone has done the legwork to figure out the best way to do this.

The Next Ten Years of Instapaper ➝

Brian Donohue and Rodion Gusev, writing on Instapaper’s weblog:

This year Instapaper celebrated its tenth birthday and, now that we are an independent company, we’ve been thinking a lot about the next ten years of Instapaper and beyond.

To ensure Instapaper can continue for the foreseeable future, it’s essential that the product generates enough revenue to cover its costs. In order to do so, we’re relaunching Instapaper Premium today.

Instapaper Premium includes full-text search, unlimited notes, and more. I don’t plan on signing up at the moment, but I’m glad they’re taking the necessary steps toward profitability.

Goodbye, Newton ➝

Rohit Nadhani:

It’s with a heavy heart that I share with you the news that Newton app will be shutting down on September 25th, 2018. […]

It was a tough business decision. We explored various business models but couldn’t successfully figure out profitability & growth over the long term. It was hard; the market for premium consumer mail apps is not big enough, and it faces stiff competition from high quality free apps from Google, Microsoft, and Apple. We put up a hard and honest fight, but it was not enough to overcome the bundling & platform default advantages enjoyed by the large tech companies.

Although I frequently dabble with other email clients, Newton has been the one I have consistently come back to since I started using it last year. Now I’ll have to reconsider my options and find a new primary email client. I don’t know what I’ll end up using, but Dispatch, Airmail, and Spark are high on my list of contenders.

‘Everything About This Operating System Feels Like a PC Living in a Tablet Body’ ➝

Matt Birchler, on his newly purchased Microsoft Surface Go:

My initial impressions are that this is not the iPad-like experience I am used to. This is full on Windows 10, and it feels like almost zero effort has been put into making this operating system touch friendly. Everything about this operating system feels like a PC living in a tablet body, not necessarily an operating system that was built for this form factor.[…]

This has all meant that I use the Surface Go in laptop mode most of the time, using the Type Cover from Microsoft. This keyboard really is excellent, with keys that travel more than they do on some laptops (you know the ones I’m talking about) and feel really good. It’s not quite full size, but as someone who does most of his computing on an iPad with Smart Keyboard, this is pretty normal for me. I don’t know how much I’ll like this in the long run compared to the Smart Keyboard, but it definitely one-ups Apple’s offering by having a full function row with media controls, brightness, and even home, end, print screen, and delete keys.

I always enjoy Matt’s perspective on non-Apple devices and I look forward to reading his impressions as he spends more time with the Surface Go.

Castro Adds iCloud Drive Sideloading and Chapter Playback Pre-Selection ➝

John Voorhees, writing for MacStories:

Supertop has released another solid update to its podcast player, Castro. In today’s update, Castro adds file sideloading for Plus subscribers, significantly adding to the app’s utility as general purpose audio player. Subscribers can also pre-select the chapters of a podcast they want to play too.

This looks like a great update. The ability to pre-select chapters in a show and skip the ones you aren’t interested in is probably the most innovative feature I’ve seen since Overcast introduced Smart Speed. I applaud them for thinking outside the box. But Castro still doesn’t have iPad support and I listen to podcasts far too frequently on my iPad to switch from Overcast.

How to Set Up Time Machine Server ➝

Stephen Hackett:

It used to be that to run a Time Machine Server, you needed to be running a copy of macOS Server on your host machine, but those days are now gone. Anyone running High Sierra or later on a Mac can now turn that Mac into a destination for remote machines to use for Time Machine.

Say you have a Mac mini on your network, and a MacBook Pro. You can hook up an USB hard drive to that Mac mini, and within a few minutes, be backing your MacBook Pro up across your network using Time Machine.

Saved for future reference, when I eventually retire our Time Capsule and buy an Eero kit.

Low Power Mode on the Mac ➝

Marco Arment makes the case for Apple to add Low Power Mode to macOS which would disable Turbo Boost, limit CPU voltage, turn off the discrete GPU on relevant models, and make a number of other adjustments. He ran several tests to show what these changes could do to extend battery life and the results are compelling.

I’ve wanted Low Power Mode on the iPad from the day it launched on iPhone, but the iPad’s battery life is already quite good whereas the Mac would benefit greatly from the feature. I rarely use my MacBook Air, but if Apple was only going to bring it to one platform, I’d rather see it on the Mac.

Linky Adds Songlink and Songwhip Integration ➝

The latest update to Linky adds the ability to convert links from Apple Music or Spotify into a single URL that lets you open the track or album in a variety of music services. You’ll have to enable it in the app’s settings, but it’s worth it. And the settings page for the feature is brilliantly designed, offering an example link that lets you see what the two available services look like before choosing one.