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Substack Reader for Web ➝


There’s a new reading experience waiting for you at Now you can read all your Substack subscriptions—and more—in a clean, simple, and fast web reader. Everything stays in-sync with your Substack app for iOS.

Want to add a publication from outside Substack? No problem—just select “Add RSS feed” from the left sidebar.

I’m happy with my RSS setup — FreshRSS with NetNewsWire — but this looks like a slick option for anyone looking to switch from their current setup or for those who don’t currently have a solution.

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Firefox Reiterates Continued Support for Manifest V2 ➝

Mike Conley, writing in Firefox Nightly News:

I’m sticking with Brave for the time being, but if something happens upstream in Chromium that prevents them from fully supporting ad blockers, I’ll be looking at Firefox as an alternative.

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iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets ➝

A good roundup by John Voorhes of apps that support Lock Screen widgets in iOS 16. I’m not using any currently, but will likely spend some time exploring the apps listed here soon.

(Via Michael Tsai.)

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Third-Party Browsers and Apple Pay on iOS 16 ➝

I’ve been trying out Brave again on iOS recently and discovered that iOS 16 added support for Apple Pay in third-party web browsers. Apparently it was first added in beta 4, referenced in the main link.

I just ordered a Tech Kit from Bellroy using Apple Pay in Brave and the experience was as smooth as you’d expect. I hope this is a sign if things to come from Apple in regards to third-party browsers on iOS.

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Ad-Blocker AdGuard Struggles With Google’s Extension Rules ➝

Cindy Harper, writing for Reclaim the Net:

It was clear even when it was first announced in a paper in 2018 that Google’s Manifest V3, a new extension API for Chrome, would present a big problem for developers of extensions designed to block ads, but also trackers and certain types of malware – and for users who want improved privacy and control over their browsing experience.

Manifest V3 was first incorporated into Chrome 88 and released in January 2021. Since early 2022, new extensions using Manifest V2 are no longer accepted in the Chrome Web Store, and the last part of the phasing out of this API, which will break all extensions based on it, is expected to take place by January 2023.

If you use Chrome and want to continue using ad blockers, you should consider switching to another browser. I currently use Brave and although it’s based on Chromium, they already have plans to continue supporting Manifest V2 after Google sunsets it in Chrome.

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EVGA to Stop Making Graphics Cards Altogether ➝

Tyler Wilde, writing for PC Gamer:

One of the most important makers of Nvidia-based graphics cards won’t be making them anymore: EVGA has decided not to produce video cards with Nvidia’s next generation of GPUs, the RTX 40-series, reports analyst Jon Peddie(opens in new tab). The news is even bigger than that, though: Speaking to Gamers Nexus(opens in new tab), EVGA CEO Andrew Han said that the California-based company isn’t just skipping the next generation of Nvidia chips, but will “completely stop” making graphics cards going forward.

Back in my PC building days of the early to mid-2000s, I always bought EVGA graphics cards. Based on what I’ve read about how Nvidia treats its partners, it’s not surprising, but it’s sad to see EVGA — a company that had such a prominent role in my early tech enthusiast days — getting out of the graphics card business.

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Blocked and Reported on the Kiwi Farms Story ➝

A very well researched overview of the whole Kiwi Farms situation. Jesse Singal seems to have done the legwork that other journalists just weren’t willing to.

Be sure to also check out the second part that goes into the lesser-known characters involved in the story.

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Sunsetting Dark Sky ➝

Dark Sky:

As previously announced, the Dark Sky iOS app will no longer be available beginning on December 31st, 2022 and, as of this date, already purchased versions of the app will no longer provide weather data. The Dark Sky API and website will continue to function until March 31st, 2023.

For anyone that’s still using Dark Sky, I would recommend switching to Hello Weather. It doesn’t offer Dark Sky’s Time Machine feature, but it has an excellent design, accurate forecasts, and offers a lifetime pricing option.

(Via Michael Tsai.)

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