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MacRumors Shares Details on Software Related to Apple’s Upcoming Tile Competitor ➝

Joe Rossignol and Steve Moser, reporting for MacRumors:

Apple is developing a Tile-like accessory that will help users keep track of their personal belongings, such as their keys, wallets, and backpacks, according to an internal build of iOS 13 seen by MacRumors.

The internal build contains an image of the accessory that suggests it will be a small, circular tag with an Apple logo in the center, similar to many other Bluetooth trackers. The image could be a mockup or placeholder, however, so the final design of the tag may vary at least slightly.

I’m a big fan of Tile — I keep one in every bag I own. But I’m curious to see what Apple brings to the table in this category of products. Having a single app where I can locate all the things is pretty enticing. But there will need to be some innovative or unique hardware and software features in order for me to jump over to these instead of using my current Tile setup.

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Plex to Offer Free, Ad-Supported Content From Warner Bros. ➝

I’m a proud Plex Pass owner and have gone all-in on it for storing my media. I use it for music, ripped movies and TV shows from DVDs and Blu-rays, and have even stripped the DRM from all my iTunes content to keep in Plex too. I typically use Infuse for playing back video content, but that could change if this Warner Bros. deal turns out well.

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Apple’s New Independent Repair Provider Program ➝


Apple today announced a new repair program, offering customers additional options for the most common out-of-warranty iPhone repairs. Apple will provide more independent repair businesses — large or small — with the same genuine parts, tools, training, repair manuals and diagnostics as its Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASPs). The program is launching in the US with plans to expand to other countries.

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Apple Invites Press to September 10 Event ➝

Jim Dalrymple:

Apple on Thursday sent an invite to press for a special event to be held at the company’s Cupertino, Calif. headquarters. The event will be at The Steve Jobs Theater on September 10, 2019 at 10:00 am.

I’m due for a new iPhone this year, so I’m pretty excited to see what Apple has in store.

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I’m Not Not Excited About the Relaunch of NetNewsWire ➝

Justin Blanton:

Finally, and to be clear, I’m happy NNW is “back” (the more people using RSS the better as far as I’m concerned), but I think a lot of the excitement around the launch is rooted in nostalgia more than anything.

Same. I’m glad NetNewsWire has been relaunched, but it has a way to go before I would consider it a top contender in the feed reading space.

A Travel Packing List Shortcut ➝

Shawn Blanc:

Having a pre-populated packing list is one of the greatest “travel hacks” I’ve ever done.

It takes all the guesswork out of packing. And it saves me quite a bit of time as well. I just follow the list and when I’m done I don’t have to worry if I forgot about anything.

He setup a Shortcut to generate a packing list in Bear, which is a pretty slick setup.

My current packing list is built in Things. I have a project that contains all of the items I need for traveling. When I have an upcoming trip, I’ll duplicate the project and give it a name to match the location I’m going. It’s worked out well, but it means I have an omnipresent project called “Packing List” in Things’ sidebar.

I think I’m going to give Shawn’s approach a try. My biggest concern is that I might be less likely to revise my packing list overtime, since Shortcuts isn’t exactly the ideal app for editing the list. But removing the project from Things and keeping the whole setup out of view unless I need it might be worth the trade off.

Surrendering Curation and Promotion ➝

Seth Godin:

The platforms are built on the idea that the audience plus the algorithm do all the deciding. No curation, no real promotion, simply the system, grinding away.

This inevitably leads to pandering, a race to the bottom.

This is a thought that I just keep coming back to, but I think we’d all benefit if there was a bit more activity on weblogs and a bit less activity on algorithm-powered social networks. Personal curation matters, taste matters, and algorithms will never be able to replicate it.

App Store Today Editorial Stories Are Now Available on the Web ➝

Benjamin Mayo, writing for 9 to 5 Mac:

Apple has recently updated its App Store Preview pages for stories to allow users to view the full content of stories from inside their desktop web browser. App Store stories have always been shareable as links, but the web version was just a title and a navigation link to ‘open this story in the App Store’.

Between August 9th and August 11th, Apple has upgraded the experience and now includes full imagery, app lists and paragraphs copy in the web version. This means you can access the same content online as you would be ale to find in the native App Store experience.

A big step in the right direction. Maybe they’ll add RSS feeds next.

(Via Stephen Hackett.)