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How to Generate AI Art With Stable Diffusion on a Mac ➝

If you’re looking to generate AI art like all the cool kids, this is the easiest method I’ve found for doing so on macOS.

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Apple Announces End-to-End Encryption Option for iCloud Photos, Notes, Backups, and More ➝

I’m a little late to the party on this, but this is excellent news.

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Media Temple Brand Retiring ➝

Joseph Palumbo:

For the past 24 years, Media Temple dedicated itself to serving the needs of the digital creative community. Thus, our mantra—for creatives, by creatives.  This mantra led to our decision that now is the time to retire the Media Temple brand and fully integrate into GoDaddy.

I signed up for Media Temple in 2009, mostly due to the influence of Shawn Blanc and Shaun Inman. Back when Media Temple was first acquired by GoDaddy, I was pretty happy to stick around. But once web browsers became a bit more hostile toward sites without SSL certificates, I moved to SiteGround.

I was still pretty happy with Media Temple overall, but they didn’t offer free SSL certificates or an easy way to integrate with services like Let’s Encrypt. I haven’t been on Media Temple in about two years and I knew this would happen eventually, but it’s still sad to see a service retiring that I had such a fondness for.

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Apple Working on Sideloading for Europe ➝

This is only good news in my mind. Any potential downsides pale in comparison to the benefit of being able to install software that isn’t beholden to Apple and their capricious App Store rules.

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Apple Considering Dropping Requirement for iPhone Web Browsers to Use WebKit ➝

Joe Rossignol, writing for MacRumors:

As part of a larger story about Apple’s plans to allow third-party app stores on the iPhone and iPad in EU countries, _Bloomberg_’s Mark Gurman claimed that Apple is also considering removing its requirement for iPhone and iPad web browsers to use WebKit, the open source browser engine that powers Safari.

Gurman said this potential change comes in response to the EU’s Digital Markets Act. It’s unclear if Apple would drop the requirement in other regions.

This would be an excellent change.

(Via Michael Tsai.)

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Abridging the Freedom of Speech ➝

From the United States Constitution:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

If a government entity requests that legal content be removed from a social network, that’s a violation of the first amendment, right? And given the key word “abridging” in the amendment, wouldn’t it also be a violation if a government entity requested that legal content be hidden or otherwise down-ranked within the service’s algorithm?

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Miniflux, a Minimalist and Opinionated Feed Reader ➝

I ran into trouble with my self-hosted instance of FreshRSS and took it as an opportunity to give Miniflux a try. Compared to FreshRSS and Tiny Tiny RSS, Miniflux is a breath of fresh air. It offers a much cleaner, minimal interface and offers just the right amount of API integrations for my needs — I’m currently using the Fever API in Unread on iOS and the Google Reader API with NetNewsWire on the Mac.

It even offers Wallabag integration if I wanted to save articles to my self-hosted read later service right from Miniflux.

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Mastoot Adds Unread Count and Timeline Sync ➝

Mastoot continues to be my favorite Mastodon client, by far. It’s received steady updates since launch and the developer is quick to implement newly suggested features.

The latest two update, as of this writing, introduce an unread counter for the timeline, a black icon option, a return of the trumpet icon that I’ve grown fond of, and timeline syncing. This is massive. I can actually check Mastodon from my iPad and iPhone now.

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