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WWDC 2021 Announced ➝


The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is coming to a screen near you, June 7 to 11. Join the worldwide developer community for an all-online program with exciting announcements, sessions, and labs at no cost. You’ll get a first look at the latest Apple platforms, tools, and technologies — so you can create your most innovative apps and games yet.

This was the case last year too, but Apple announcements just doesn’t have the same magic as they do with an in-person audience.

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Fastmail. Who Knew? ➝

Jason Burk:

Like most, I have different email addresses for various reasons and previously I would login to each of them on every email client I used. This setup isn’t great and makes it difficult to manage them all and migrate messages between them. Now I just have Fastmail grab the mail from them all and funnel them into one place.

I made the same change recently and it’s so nice. I have just two accounts that I login to in each of my email clients now — my personal, Fastmail account and my work account. That’s it.

And unlike Hey, which seems to be the new hip email service, I can use any IMAP client to check my email. To be fair, none of them are particularly great, but at least I have options.

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Apple’s Lame Alternatives for Reaching Users ➝

Sami Fathi, writing for MacRumors:

In a new filing (via ZDnet) responding to concerns from the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission that it exploits “alleged market power in its role as a distributor of apps,” Apple highlights multiple avenues that developers can take to reach customers.

Specifically, Apple points out that the “whole web” exists as an alternative means of distribution, arguing that the web has become a platform unto itself. Apple supports this claim by noting that iOS devices have “unrestricted and uncontrolled” access to the web, allowing users to download web apps.

I’m an advocate for the open web and think there should be a lot more development of web apps built for mobile devices. And I would love to see their usage grow. But we all know — including the folks at Apple — that this is pretty lame. Web apps are not even close to being in the same league as native apps.

There should be a way to distribute apps outside of the App Store. The absence of this capability is holding the platform back.

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Publish and Update WordPress Posts From Ulysses ➝

I’ll still be using my publishing shortcuts from The Toolkit because it makes it easier to move to a new text editor, but this is a very welcome update from Ulysses.

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Mac OS X Welcome Videos ➝

Remember when macOS was whimsical?

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Apple Should Make a Router ➝

I think ceasing development of their AirPort routers was a huge mistake.

Imagine an alternate reality where the Time Capsule could be used to backup Mac and iOS devices locally. Imagine an AirPort Extreme that had a built-in DOCSIS 4.0 modem. Imagine the AirPort Express merging with the HomePod Mini — a small voice assistant speaker that also acts as a Wi-Fi base station with an audio-out jack for external speakers.

All of these devices, along with the Apple TV, offering mesh Wi-Fi technology and having the option to act as a stand-alone router. You could mix and match to add the functionality that you want and each additional unit improves Wi-Fi range and stability.

They could even add some fancy sensors for temperature and humidity in each of the products to help promote usage of HomeKit.

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A Minor Update to the Toolkit ➝

I’ve added a couple new shortcuts to The Toolkit — one for saving links to Shaarli and one for subscribing to RSS feeds through Tiny Tiny RSS.

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‘I’m a Justin’ ➝

The campaign that this is parodying is over a decade old and these new ads are neither entertaining nor funny. I don’t care that they exist and don’t understand why anyone else does either.

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