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Podcasters Are Buying Millions of Listeners Through Mobile-Game Ads ➝

Advertising-based business models don’t work in digital spaces. There are too many incentives to try and abuse the system, which will inevitably break the supply and demand curve.

Some of this can be mitigated with closed systems where there can be a bit more trust between everyone involved. Direct advertiser and publisher relationships, for example, with no ad platform intermediary — but that has its own set of ethical problems.

But the key takeaway is, if you run a business that gets the majority of its revenue from ads, you should have already been thinking of ways to change that.

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Google Ending Stadia ➝

In the little bit that I’ve been looking at game streaming services recently, Stadia never seemed to be high on the recommendations lists.

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Blocking Annoying and Privacy-Harming Cookie Consent Banners ➝


Starting with the current Brave Nightly, and in version 1.45 when it releases in October, the Brave browser will block cookie consent notifications on Android and Desktop (and, soon after, on iOS). Cookie consent notifications are an infamous and near-constant annoyance on the Web. They break and disrupt one of the main benefits of the Web: the ability to browse content across many sites and publishers conveniently and easily. And, what is ironic, many cookie consent systems actually track users, introducing the exact harm the consent systems were supposed to prevent.

New versions of Brave will hide—and, where possible, completely block—cookie consent notifications.

I’m looking forward to this feature launching.

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RetroAchievements ➝

A nifty web service that adds achievements to retro games played on supported emulators. I created an account a couple of days ago and added it to RetroArch on my Retroid Pocket 2+. Now whenever I play a compatible game, I can earn achievements and contribute to leaderboards automatically.

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Substack Reader for Web ➝


There’s a new reading experience waiting for you at Now you can read all your Substack subscriptions—and more—in a clean, simple, and fast web reader. Everything stays in-sync with your Substack app for iOS.

Want to add a publication from outside Substack? No problem—just select “Add RSS feed” from the left sidebar.

I’m happy with my RSS setup — FreshRSS with NetNewsWire — but this looks like a slick option for anyone looking to switch from their current setup or for those who don’t currently have a solution.

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Firefox Reiterates Continued Support for Manifest V2 ➝

Mike Conley, writing in Firefox Nightly News:

I’m sticking with Brave for the time being, but if something happens upstream in Chromium that prevents them from fully supporting ad blockers, I’ll be looking at Firefox as an alternative.

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iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets ➝

A good roundup by John Voorhes of apps that support Lock Screen widgets in iOS 16. I’m not using any currently, but will likely spend some time exploring the apps listed here soon.

(Via Michael Tsai.)

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Third-Party Browsers and Apple Pay on iOS 16 ➝

I’ve been trying out Brave again on iOS recently and discovered that iOS 16 added support for Apple Pay in third-party web browsers. Apparently it was first added in beta 4, referenced in the main link.

I just ordered a Tech Kit from Bellroy using Apple Pay in Brave and the experience was as smooth as you’d expect. I hope this is a sign if things to come from Apple in regards to third-party browsers on iOS.

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