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Mastoot ➝

A brand new Mastodon app developed by Bei Li. There’s a lot of missing features at the moment — most notably push notifications, an in-app browser, and character counter in the compose screen — but everything that is there seems to works better than any other Mastodon app on iOS. And it also happens to have one of my favorite recent app icons.

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DHS Pauses Disinformation Governance Board ➝

Tom Parker, writing for Reclaim the Net:

After being threatened with legal action, accused of being a violation of the First Amendment, and facing mass condemnation, the US Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS’s) “Disinformation Governance Board” has been paused and its head, Nina Jankowicz, has resigned.

The board was an absolutely abhorrent idea and I expect it would have been dismantled in the courts if it ever got off the ground. Hopefully this “pause” is permanent.

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Elon Musk’s Twitter Acquisition Hangs on Whether the Platform Can Prove Its Spam Numbers ➝

I suspect the deal will still go through, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the price is a smidge lower than the initial offer.

As an aside, I receive significantly more interaction on Mastodon than I do on Twitter. And that’s with only about 60% of the followers. I’m sure that my experience isn’t representative of Twitter as a whole, but it seems like there are a lot of dormant accounts or accounts that don’t interact with the tweets in their timeline.

That’s not to say they’re a bunch of bot accounts, but of the monthly active users in my circle on Twitter, a good number of them don’t seem to be active at all.

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The Improvements That I Want to See in iOS 16 ➝

A solid list from Chris Hannah. At the top of mine, in no particular order, is the ability to mark unread in Messages, more control over the iPad Home Screen, and an image optimization action in Shortcuts that processes images like ImageOptim.

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Apple Testing iPhones With USB-C Ports ➝

“People with knowledge of the situation” is a pretty loose citation, but Mark Gurman’s track record is pretty darn good. Along with what feels like everyone else on the planet, I would love to see the iPhone move to USB-C. Lightning is a better connector in a lot of ways, but having a single cable type for all of my devices would be so much nicer.

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Twitter Purchase on Hold Pending Investigation Into Spam Bots ➝

Cindy Harper, writing for Reclaim the Net:

Elon Musk’s bid for Twitter is currently “on hold,” the Tesla CEO announced on the platform, while an investigation takes place to determine the number of bots/spam accounts represented on the platform.

In a filing this month, Twitter alleged that less than 5% of its daily active users were fake or spam accounts.

Musk appears to want to ensure that this is indeed accurate.

How wild would it be if a significant portion of Twitter’s user base is just spam and bot accounts and they’ve been lying about it to investors?

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The Apple Services Experience Is Not Good Enough ➝

Michael Tsai:

The services apps are all frustrating to use. In may ways, they feel worse than Web apps. I cannot believe how Apple has let them regress so much. I miss iTunes from 15 years ago.

I maintain an old Mac Mini that runs El Capitan and an even older iMac that runs Snow Leopard. iTunes is so much better on those older machines than the current state of the TV app, Apple Music, and Apple Podcasts.

My current pet peeve is the Podcast app’s lack of OPML export or import. What a terrible, user-hostile omission.

I was recently trying to export my subscriptions from Pocket Casts and import them into Apple Podcasts so I could use the Apple TV app to more conveniently playback video podcasts. But, no dice. There’s no way to just import an OPML file. I would have to go through and manually subscribe to every single podcast. I’m not going to do that over a hundred podcasts.

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Apple Discontinues iPod Touch ➝

They’ve finally discontinued the last iPod. It’s the end of an era.

Although I haven’t used an iPod regularly since I bought an iPhone in 2007, I still have an incredible affinity for it. I gifted an iPod touch to my father-in-law, which was his first introduction to personal computing. And the fifth-generation iPod is one of the best gadgets of all time.

I used an iPod to listen to my favorite bands in high school. I spent thousands of hours listening to podcasts on an iPod. And before the Apple TV was released, I used an iPod to power the living room TV in my first apartment — for TV shows, movies, and video podcasts.

It’s a shame there isn’t enough of a market for it anymore.

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