Introducing the fediverse:creator Tag ➝

Eugen Rochko:

To reinforce and encourage Mastodon as the go-to place for journalism, we’re launching a new feature today. You will notice that underneath some links shared on Mastodon, the author byline can be clicked to open the author’s associated fediverse account, right in the app. […]

The support for this tag is currently rolled out on mastodon.social and any other server that uses a recent Mastodon nightly release, but the feature will only show up for links to moderator-approved websites. In the future we would like to make the feature available to all without a manual review process.

I’ve implemented this here on Initial Charge. I have no idea if the site is moderator approved on mastodon.social or any other instance where the feature is available. But if you happen to see it in the wild, let me know if it’s working properly.

➝ Source: blog.joinmastodon.org