Hating Apple Goes Mainstream ➝

David Heinemeier Hansson:

This isn’t just about one awful ad. I mean, yes, the ad truly is awful. It symbolizes everything everyone has ever hated about digitization. It celebrates a lossy, creative compression for the most flimsy reason: An iPad shedding an irrelevant millimeter or two. It’s destruction of beloved musical instruments is the perfect metaphor for how utterly tone-deaf technologists are capable of being. But the real story is just how little saved up goodwill Apple had in the bank to compensate for the outrage.

That’s because Apple has lost its presumption of good faith over the last five years with an ever-larger group of people, and now we’ve reached a tipping point. A year ago, I’m sure this awful ad would have gotten push back, but I’m also sure we’d heard more “it’s not that big of a deal” and “what Apple really meant to say was…” from the stalwart Apple apologists the company has been able to count on for decades. But it’s awfully quiet on the fan-boy front.

I would say the downfall started more than five years ago. I would look at the 2015 introduction of the butterfly keyboard as the beginning of this era. An era where they would continue to sell these awful keyboards for around five years, failing to resolve the issue through at least two iterations of the product before finally moving back to scissor switches.

There are still bright spots, which is why I continue to buy Apple products. But I’ve never been closer to switching than I am today.

➝ Source: world.hey.com