Mike Becky

iOS 17.4 Changes PWAs to Shortcuts in EU ➝

Michael Tsai:

Apple had two years or so to prepare for the DMA, but they “had to” to remove the feature entirely (and throw away user data) rather than give the third-party API parity with what Safari can do. I find the privacy argument totally unconvincing because the alternative they chose is to put all the sites in the same browser. If you’re concerned about buggy data isolation or permissions, isn’t this even worse?

I don’t understand what Apple’s end game is with this and the rest of their “compliance” with the DMA. It seems foolish to expect regulators in the EU to turn a blind eye to Apple’s changes, which are obviously outside of the spirit the DMA’s intentions.

Users are irritated, developers are irritated, and I would expect regulators to be irritated as well. It seems inevitable that there will be further action from the EU to force Apple’s hand, so what’s the point? Is the goal just to get as much revenue from the App Store as they can before they have no other option but to truly level the playing field? That seems so incredibly short-sighted when you consider the bridges that they’re burning along the way.

➝ Source: mjtsai.com