Mike Becky

Apple Vision Pro Returns ➝

Mark Gurman:

In speaking to more than a dozen people who have returned the Vision Pro over the past week, I’ve heard some similar reasons:

  • The device is simply too heavy, too cumbersome to manage, headache-inducing and uncomfortable.
  • The current lack of applications and video content doesn’t justify the price.
  • The work features don’t make people more productive than just using a normal external monitor with a Mac — and they’re difficult to use for long periods.
  • The displays have too much glare, the field of view is too narrow, and the device causes eyestrain and vision problems.
  • The product can make users feel isolated from family and friends. Meaningful shared experiences don’t yet exist, and the Vision Pro can’t easily be passed around to others because of the need for a precise fit.

I’m unconvinced that many of these concerns will be addressed in future iterations of the Vision Pro. Perhaps I’ll look back at this and feel foolish, but I don’t think VR/AR is the next big thing. And I’m not sure it ever will be.

(Via John Spurlock.)

➝ Source: bloomberg.com