Messy Desks ➝

Nathan Snelgrove:

My desk is littered with guitar picks, some keys, a stack of receipts, a few USB cables, four notebooks, a couple microfibre cloths (not just for wiping monitors, but also for polishing guitars), coffee cups, a stapler, wire cutters, and a Swiss army knife. 

I should put some of this junk away, but one thing I realized in this conversation is that a messy desk is a productive desk, and a messy office or studio is probably the same.

My office is a bit of a disaster. Especially now that I’m on parental leave. It has become a catch-all for items that we don’t have a place for. And since I’m not working in there regularly, there’s next-to-no incentive to actually keep it tidy.

But even before its current status as a catch-all, my office has always been messy. I suppose I’m generally too busy getting work done to take the time to neaten things up. I used to try and hide it during Zoom calls with a blurred background, but as of late, I usually just let it fly.

➝ Source: nathansnelgrove.com