iTunes Movies and TV Shows Apps Discontinued With New Apple TV Update ➝

Benjamin Mayo, writing for 9 to 5 Mac:

As first reported in October, Apple will discontinue the standalone iTunes Movies and iTunes TV Shows apps on the Apple TV box, starting with tvOS 17.2 The warning message seen above has started appearing in the release candidate version of tvOS 17.2 beta, released yesterday.

Apple directs users to the TV app instead to manage their purchases, and buy and rent from the store. At least as far as Apple’s video content is concerned, the iTunes brand is on the way out.

I strip the DRM from every movie and TV show I purchase through iTunes. This lets me watch it in my preferred player — Plex. And I never have to worry about losing access because of some irritating rights issues.

But because of this, it’s not often that I use the TV Shows, Movies, or Apple TV apps. On the rare occasion when I want to watch purchased content before I have a chance to process it, though, I always use the TV Shows and Movies apps. It’s just a much nicer experience without having to trudge through all of the Apple TV+ promotion.

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