File Over App ➝

Steph Ango:

File over app is a philosophy: if you want to create digital artifacts that last, they must be files you can control, in formats that are easy to retrieve and read. Use tools that give you this freedom. […]

These days I write using an app I help make called Obsidian, but it’s a delusion to think it will last forever. The app will eventually become obsolete. It’s the plain text files I create that are designed to last. Who knows if anyone will want to read them besides me, but future me is enough of an audience to make it worthwhile.

As I’ve been toying with Linux more, this philosophy has made a lot more sense to me. If only because there aren’t really that many excellent apps that work across iOS, macOS, and Linux.

Because of this, I’m not sure I really want any proprietary sync and storage systems in my life anymore. I’d rather just have dumb cloud storage that I access through SFTP or WebDAV to store text files and then I can use whatever app I want to for editing them.

I’m not sure if I’m ready to give up on Ulysses, Things, and others yet, but I’m a lot closer than I have been in the past.

➝ Source: stephango.com