Mike Becky

Umbrel Launches a Plug-and-Play Home Server ➝

Rick Findlay, writing for Reclaim the Net:

Umbrel, the company that develops umbrelOS, has announced a new home server, Umbrel Home, to provide users with more privacy and control over their data.

The $699 home server uses umbrelOS, which comes with self-hosted apps in the Umbrel App Store like Home Assistant, Plex, Bitcoin/Lightning node, and Nextcloud, which acts like a personal cloud solution for documents, photos, videos and more.

I like that they’re selling hardware, but I think the price is a bit too high. Especially considering how inexpensive mini PCs are these days. You can find many from Beelink, MinisForum, and others that would be perfect little home servers for half the price of this offering from Umbrel.

I have Umbrel running on a 2012 Mac Mini that I picked up from OWC paired with a 2TB SSD. That cost me around $300 total for a pretty capable little machine that looks at home next to the other Minis that I’m running as home servers.

Having operating system upgrades right within the Umbrel dashboard would be nice. With my setup — Umbrel running on Ubuntu — I have to SSH or VNC in to the machine for those. But my Mini is more than capable of handling everything I want to run on Umbrel and I’m happy to save $400 in exchange for a smidge of convenience.

➝ Source: reclaimthenet.org