Three Years Later, the 12-Inch MacBook Is Still Missed ➝

Stephen Hackett:

In the lead up to Apple silicon there was a lot of conjecture — including by me — that the 12-inch MacBook would make a great candidate to lead the processor transition. So far, the MacBook hasn’t made a return, but I know a bunch of folks would like to see the line resurrected one more time.

I never used a 12-inch MacBook beyond the brief moments toying around with one in a retail store, but I’m a massive fan of the 11-inch MacBook Air. I used my 2011 model as my primary Mac up until 2018 and still use it occasionally today — I just recently used OpenCore Patcher to install Big Sur on the machine.

Despite my affinity for the 13-inch MacBooks, I still miss using an ultra-portable in the 11- or 12-inch range. My 11-inch Air is just so darn light and the smaller display never really feels like a hinderance to me. If Apple brought back the 12-inch MacBook — with a good keyboard this time — there’s a good chance I’d order one to use as my primary work laptop.

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