Mike Becky

Mastodon Updates Branding ➝

Eugen Rochko, writing on the Mastodon weblog:

We’re teaming up with the design agency Oak to update our homepage and our brand. We’re leaving the ubiquitous blue that every social app seems to have behind in favour of a vibrant purple. Our logo also gets some subtle shape fixes that makes it look more precise. […]

As for the brand updates, they will be rolled out gradually as we update multiple independent properties–the software itself, the iOS app, the Android app, the homepage, the documentation, this blog… So do not be alarmed if you do not see the purple everywhere at the same time.

I can’t say I’m too fond of the updated color, but I guess I’m more resistant to change than I used to be. It may grow on me. But for now, I’m glad Mastoot allows me to continue using the app’s blue icon and theme.

➝ Source: blog.joinmastodon.org