Mike Becky

Boot Camp’s Influence on Buying Decisions ➝

Matt Birchler, on the idea of no longer recommending Macs because you can’t install Windows on Apple Silicon:

Ah yes, the large group of people who buy a Mac, decide they don’t actually like macOS, and then install Windows instead of getting a new laptop. There are literally dozens of them!

I don’t think it’s particularly common for people to actually buy a Mac, decide they dislike macOS, and then install Windows. But I never would have purchased my first Mac in 2006 if that wasn’t possible. In the sixteen years since then, I’ve never installed Windows using Boot Camp, but I think it’s silly to dismiss the notion entirely.

Imagine you’re someone who has been using Windows for your entire life. Aside from your smartphone and maybe a tablet, it’s the only operating system you’ve ever used. Now imagine giving that person two options — a Mac that uses an Intel chip and a Mac that uses Apple Silicon. Even with the increased performance of Apple Silicon, I’m sure there are plenty of people that would be hesitant to choose that model simply because there’s no option to go back to Windows if they find themselves disliking macOS.

Again, I’m sure it’s incredibly rare for that to actually happen, but when it comes to purchasing decisions, I can completely see that being a factor because I’ve experienced it personally.

On a related note, some of you may remember that I upgraded my home server last year — opting for a 2018 Intel-based Mac Mini rather than an M1 Mac Mini. There were a number of reasons I made that decision, but among them was the reassurance that I’ll be able to use the Mac Mini for many years to come — even if Apple drops support for it, I know I’ll be able to install Linux. If I got an M1 Mac Mini though, the jury’s still out as to whether Linux will ever fully support the hardware.

➝ Source: birchtree.me