‘It’s Just the Process of Installing Software’ ➝

Riccardo Mori:

And on a more philosophical plane, sideloading ultimately means freedom of choice and giving back a bit of agency and responsibility to users. How Mac software works could very well work for iOS, too. There wouldn’t be the need to dismantle the App Store as it is today. Keep it as the curated place that it is (or wants to be), but allow iOS software to be distributed and installed from other places as well, with sandboxing and notarisation requirements in place just like with Mac software. And just like on Mac OS, at the user interface level you could warn the users that they’re about to install an app by an unidentified developer, outside of the App Store, and that if they choose to install it, it’s at their own risk. Let them make an informed decision.

He gets it.

➝ Source: morrick.me