Finding the Right Place ➝

Chris Hannah has been searching for the best place to publish short-form, informal, personal thoughts on the web. It looks like he’s going to give a try for now.

I went through this same process over the past year. I started out trying as my primary social network, using a self-hosted WordPress site for the actual publishing mechanism. It was then syndicated to Twitter and Mastodon using’s built-in cross-posting feature.

Although I loved having everything live on my own site and pulling in replies as comments with Webmentions, the tools to set it all up and manage everything just weren’t quite there. No matter how hard I tried to refine the workflows, I frequently ran into issues that didn’t seem to have a solution.

I eventually decided to just use Mastodon. I setup my own instance, invited my wife and sister-in-law to join, and haven’t looked back since. I get to own all of the content I publish, I have full control over the experience in terms of what instances I do and don’t federate with, and I get to use all of the nifty tools built for Mastodon and ActivityPub.

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