Mike Becky

Are You the Product? ➝

Andy Nicolaides:

Many of the services we use today, for the various things we do one the web, are so engrained into our brains, and even muscle memory, that it’s difficult to even consider using something else. When someone says they are going to look something up online they don’t say I’m going to go and look that up online they say I’ll just go and Google that. It’s become second nature, so it’s easy to see why people often won’t even consider alternatives, or even know where to look. The list below, and the rest of this article, is just an informational piece about what else is out there, that will respect your desire for privacy, but that will also help you to be productive online.

Some great options outlined here. I just wish there were better alternatives to Google and Apple Photos. My wife and I use Google Photos because it’s the only reliable option with partner sharing, good object recognition, and a rock solid mobile app. If something else came along with those, I’d move immediately.

➝ Source: thedent.net