The Honeymoon Phase ➝

Josh Ginter:

After all these years, I’m starting to better understand my own honeymoon phases with devices. Sometimes those phases are for a total of three days. Sometimes they last a few weeks. Other times, a few months.

The length of time is generally impacted by the newness of the device. This involves the device’s new features but also the type of device I’m coming from.

He’s trying to be more cognizant of the honeymoon phase with his devices for the purpose of reviews — if you write and publish the review during that honeymoon phase, you’re unlikely to get a true representation of your long-term opinions.

I’m finding that the honeymoon phase for new devices is getting shorter and shorter for me. There are less substantial hardware differences with each upgrade — typically an improved camera, faster chips, better battery life, and other minor upgrades. And while those are all improvements, for sure, they aren’t nearly as game-changing as the upgrades we’d see ten years ago. I’m a lot less excited about getting new devices now.

Readers may have noticed that I haven’t published a review of the iPhone 13 Pro. That’s mostly because the honeymoon phase was so darn short — maybe a couple of days, at most. And I don’t know what I could really say about it — coming from the 11 Pro, the camera’s better, the chips are faster, the battery life is better, I wish it was lighter, and slightly smaller. I don’t know if I really have much to say beyond that.

Maybe Apple Silicon is changing this, but it feels like we’ve reached a bit of a plateau with Apple products and the days of publishing reviews after a few weeks are over for me. Or maybe I just need to increase the time between upgrades.

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