The Value of a Non-Reviewer’s Perspective ➝

Mere Civilian:

In the first seven minutes of the episode 242 of the AppStories Podcast. Federico said:

“You wouldn’t want to read/or watch a review by someone who is not a professional reviewer. It wouldn’t be enjoyable.” […]

I agree, a review from a person who does not write for a living may not be enjoyable. However, I strongly disagree with the first sentence.

This was an incredibly bone-headed comment from Federico. I would rather read a review from someone that isn’t a professional reviewer. I don’t want a phone review from someone that does phone reviews for a living because their perspective is skewed.

If you do phone reviews for a living, as a baseline, you get a new iPhone every single year. But if you’re even more active, then you’re using multiple devices at once or getting a new device every few months. That isn’t relatable in any way to normal users. You don’t ever experience the reduced battery life of a two-year-old device and you don’t live with any device long enough get that deeper perspective.

This state of constantly changing devices can also skew what software and services you use. Since professional phone reviewers are more likely to use cross-platform options, they might not dig quite as deep into the platform-specific offerings and/or have their opinions influenced by a mediocre implementation of one of those cross-platform services.

Speaking beyond phone reviews and of more general reviews, there’s always the potential for advertiser influence. This is less common among hobbyist reviewers because they are less likely to have relationships from direct advertising. Now, sure, you can claim that it is kept separate or that you don’t let it influence you. But if whether or not you have food on the table for dinner is dependent on an advertiser paying for placement, you are going to be a bit more careful about painting the advertiser’s products in a negative light.

➝ Source: merecivilian.com