Shoddy App Store Review ➝

Craig Grannell, on Apple’s decision to pull iDOS 2 from the App Store:

This also points to shoddy App Store review. It’s not like iDOS 2 snuck through. It’s been back on the store with this exact same functionality for a while now, and received several updates. I’d hoped this was a sign Apple was changing its tone on retro gaming and emulation, but feared it was not. And Apple’s seeming distaste for emulated classic games feels further cemented by it not approving entirely legal retro-gaming streaming service Antstream Arcade for the App Store.

So what now? If you like emulators and want them on your phone: Android. Sure, there are workarounds on iOS, but they’re more hassle than they’re worth.

We will always complain about shoddy App Store review and boneheaded policies regarding third-party apps as long as Apple continue down this path. What they’re aiming toward is unattainable. It’s not possible to create a perfectly curated platform where developers, users, and Apple are all happy. One or two of those groups will always feel like their needs aren’t being met.

The only solution is to allow third-party developers to release their apps outside of the App Store and give users a way to install them.

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