A Look at Big Widgets and Focused Home Screens in iPadOS 15 ➝

Josh Ginter, writing for The Sweet Setup:

Though we had a glimpse of the “larger” widgets with iOS 14’s News widget (sort of), the larger horizontal widgets in iPadOS 15 mostly came out of left field. iPadOS 15 widgets are even larger than the vertical News widget in iOS 14, taking up three columns in the app spring board and displaying content in bold new ways. Apple touted these extra large widgets as being great for media apps like Music, TV, and Photos, where the media inside the app can shine brightly.

But it doesn’t take long to see the value in these extra large widgets for the Calendar app and the Files app as well. More space means more room to spread out, more room for good design, and more room for quickly glancing at information.

I use widgets on my devices, but Home Screen widgets never stuck for me on iPhone. I’m kind of hoping they feel more at home for me on the iPad. If only because my entire iPad Home Screen setup has felt stale since Apple introduced changes to multitasking in iOS 12.

➝ Source: thesweetsetup.com