Apple Rejects Parler App Resubmission ➝

I don’t think the Twitter of five or ten years ago would have held up to this degree of scrutiny. It wasn’t long ago when any new feature announcement from Twitter was met with a sea of angry responses from users urging them to take a more active stance in removing some of the most objectionable content on the platform.

And that’s setting aside the plethora of adult content that can be easily found in Twitter and Reddit clients that, as far as I know, is decidedly not allowed on the App Store. But somehow they continue to dodge any enforcement.

Maybe you dislike Parler. And given the content on the platform, maybe there’s plenty of reasons to. But I can’t help but wonder if requiring more robust moderation systems from platform makers is in some ways bolstering the status quo.

Are these App Store policies making it even more difficult for a smaller service to actually compete with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube? Could a scrappy startup with limited resources actually buildup a compliant moderation system quick enough if they suddenly get an influx of new users?

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