Mike Becky

Like Old School Twitter ➝

Greg Morris:

I’ve just worked out why I like micro.blog so much. Despite it’s lack of “everyone” being here, it feels like old school Twitter.

I love that Micro.blog really leans in to open web technologies — Webmention, RSS, Micropub, Mastodon. And that’s what drew me back to the service earlier this year. But what kept me there was the old school Twitter-like feel.

Everyone on Micro.blog seems deeply interested in making the service successful. Not from a financial standpoint, but from a healthy and happy community standpoint. Micro.blog is filled with welcoming and kind individuals.

If you ask a question, you’ll almost always get an answer. And without any of the snide remarks that seem all too common on present-day Twitter. It doesn’t even really seems to matter how many people are even following you — you can’t tell anyway — the community is so strong that relatively new users are still able to strike up conversations and receive thoughtful responses from strangers about whatever topic is being discussed.

Micro.blog has all of the best aspects of old school Twitter’s community paired with open web technologies that empower its users to really own everything they publish and the resulting conversations.

➝ Source: gr36.micro.blog