Reducing Interruptions ➝

Chris Hannah:

As for other notifications on my devices, I have a system where if I receive a notification that annoys me, I turn them off for that app entirely. Similarly to what I did when experimenting with my email system, by reducing the number of annoying and distracting notifications, they become much more useful, and have a bigger signal to noise ratio.

I’ve also been leaving do not disturb on for long periods of time, and purposely leaving my phone somewhere so I’m not distracted. I must admit, I’ve found it to be rather refreshing.

My default for any app that asks me to enable notifications is an emphatic no. I will only enable notifications for an app if I have a very specific reason to. And even then, I love configuring an app so that it can only show notifications on the Lock Screen or only display a badge with no actual notification at all.

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