Jordan Merrick Retires His GitHub Shortcuts Directory ➝

Jordan Merrick has decided to move his shortcuts directory to his own site because Shortcuts no longer allows you to import the .shortcut files that he had been storing on GitHub:

All of my shortcuts are being made available on my site and can be found at a dedicated Shortcuts page. Although I write blog posts for some of them, I’ve created plenty of shortcuts which I’ve never blogged about. That isn’t going to change but any time I create a new shortcut that I think others might find useful, at the very least I’ll publish it here.

I understand why Apple made that decision — if there was a malicious shortcut going around, since they can only be shared with an iCloud link, Apple would have the ability to remove the shortcut from their server and prevent it from spreading further.

But this limitation makes backing up your shortcuts a major pain. If you build a shortcut to automatically backup all of your shortcuts to iCloud links and then save the links into a notes app, you have to tap through a prompt for every single shortcut you have.

Thankfully Jordan linked to a shortcut that lets you import .shortcut files into the Shortcuts app. So I’ve returned to backing up my shortcuts as files and will utilize the .shortcut importer if I ever have to restore anything.

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