The New iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard With Trackpad ➝

Federico Viticci’s excellent overview of the new iPad Pro, iPadOS 13.4, and the Magic Keyboard with trackpad that was announced this past Wednesday.

I ordered an 11-inch, 128GB, space gray, WiFi-only model shortly after seeing news of the announcement. It’s scheduled to arrive in a few days and I plan on sharing my impressions of the device soon afterward. The iPad hardware itself seems like a nice evolution from the previous iPad Pro, but the new system-wide mouse cursor and the trackpad built-in to the Magic Keyboard feel like a massive leap forward.

I briefly played with the mouse support built-in to the existing release of iPadOS, but it never really felt fully baked. What they have in iPadOS 13.4 looks significantly better, though. I haven’t had a chance to actually try it yet, mostly because I’ve been avoiding betas on iPhone and iPad. But I’m excited to take it for a spin when it’s released on Tuesday.

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