Matt Birchler’s watchOS 7 Wishlist ➝

My buddy Matt Birchler doing his best work, sharing his ideas for what watchOS could be. Including some brilliant mockups showing many of his proposed features. It’s an excellent read, but I would add to this wishlist the ability to run shortcuts from the Watch without having to use Siri.

I want to be able to open the Shortcuts app on my Watch to trigger automations right from my wrist. But I’d also like the option to have individual shortcuts added as complications. In each shortcuts’ settings, a “Show as Complication” option could be added alongside the widget and Share Sheet toggles. Then I could display the shortcut’s glyph as a complication on my Watch face and tap on it to initiate the actions.

Shortcuts triggered from the Watch might be a bit limited, but anything that could be run fully from the app’s widget should be doable. And if there is an action that can only be run from within the app, it can be passed off to your iPhone to complete.

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