Mike Becky

Bringing Humanity Back to Weblogs ➝

Josh Ginter, on expanding the topics that he is willing to write about on his weblog:

Gone are the days where I feel weird posting a Bible review on one day and then a list of Star Wars predictions the next. Gone are the days where I feel odd talking about money and finances.

I’m going to write and post things that interest me. Things I like. Things I’m trying my hand at.

I’ve started to come around to this line of thinking too. Although I still tend to focus on Apple-related products and software, I’ve starting writing a bit more about writing in general, the open web, and some more personal life stuff.

The days of earning a living off of a personal site are mostly behind us and with that comes a bit more freedom for the folks who are still writing about their passions — Matt Birchler recently shared a great list of writers, if you’re interested. Removing that financial incentive means that there is no longer the need to stick to a specific niche, we can expand out a bit and write about the other interests we have.

I think this is good for weblogging. I started following independent publishers in the days of Google Reader because I was interested in alternative takes on on tech products and services. But I stuck around and kept reading because I liked the people behind the sites. That humanity slowly disappeared as the possibility of earning a living seemed attainable. But now that the money has moved elsewhere, that humanity is returning again and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

➝ Source: thenewsprint.co