Mike Becky

Apple’s Incentives ➝

Matt Birchler, in response to my thoughts on App Store editorials:

If I could subscribe to a feed and read it in Inoreader, it might actually make me more likely to tap the Buy Now button to go [to] the App Store, simply because I’d see more of these articles. If we accept that this would get people like me to check out these apps more often, then maybe it makes sense, but I suspect us RSS users are so small a market that even if we did use this, we’re not valuable enough to warrant the time and effort it would take to build and maintain this functionality.

I agree with Matt that building and maintaining the infrastructure necessary to publish these editorials by RSS is probably not worth the effort. But we could be wrong. It’s hard to quantify the value of influencers within families and groups of friends. And the type of people who use RSS are also likely to be the type of people that friends and family members turn to for tech-related advice and recommendations.

How many sales result from those recommendations? How many more apps might those people recommend if they had a more convenient way to read App Store editorials? I’m not certain it’s enough, but if there was hard data showing that it is enough, I wouldn’t be shocked at all.

➝ Source: birchtree.me